29-05-2020 :
Ürünlerin Ortalama Fiyatları ALIM: DANA(KG): 30.00 SATIM: KIRIK BUĞDAY: 1.44 BUĞDAY UNU : 2.24 BUĞDAY KEPEĞİ KABA : 1.25 RAZMOL : 1.29 BONKALİTE : 1.45

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Isparta Commodity Exchange

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  • Registration and access into the system is free of charge.

·         Objective: To grow the opportunities of trading and cooperation both in national and international levels for our companies, to keep our members posted with public adjustments in the market, to manage the relations among our members.


What does the system offer?

You may access to latest bids entered into the system through main page,

You may enter purchase, sales and partnership proposal on goods basis,

You may enter cooperation proposals,

You may release individual or corporate announcements,

The sale demands of the producer shall be communicated to our office and these demands shall be registered into the system by our headquarter.

You may get your free email,

Members who would like to manage our website and access to the internet may utilize the internet café in our service building free of charge.

The bids and proposals which already exists or will be entered in the forthcoming days in the areas of interest, which users will specify, shall automatically be notified to the members by email or fax,

You may exchange your viewpoints with other entrepreneurs in the system in forum or chat pages.

ACCESS INTO SYSTEM:Click “New Registration” above in the main menu to apply for membership to access to the system. 

Your membership request shall be evaluated by our headquarter and the result of the process shall be communicated to your company by email shortly. 

Upon the approval of the membership request, the company may access to the portal where information entrance, sales-purchase etc. modules are located entering the username and password set by the company itself. 



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